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St. George's Day

St George's Day is celebrated both in Catalonia and England.

Traditionally St Jordi is Catalunya's version of Valentine's day and is a one day festival of romance, roses and books all inspired by the legend of Saint George on 23rd April every year. St Jordi is the patron saint of Catalonia. The legend of Saint George, which you probably have heard, is that he slew a dragon to save a princess-and then plucked a red rose for the princess from a rose bush, which had sprouted on the exact spot, where the dragon's red blood had spilled.

Regarding England, St George is the patron saint of England and a traditional custom on St George's day is to wear a red rose in one's lapel, though this is no longer widely practised. Another custom is to fly or adorn the St George's Cross flag, the flag of England, in some way: pubs in particular can be seen on 23 April festooned with garlands of St George's crosses.

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