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Holidays  for the Classroom

New Year's Day
HolidayZone -
                        New Year's Day info 
                        Mr. Donn 
                   Teacher ideas 
  Chinese New Year - February 8, 2016 Year of the snake                                    
                 Chinese New Year at Kaboose
 Chinese New Year activity links

- Mrs. Mitchell
         Chinese-American Culture 
Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales

         Activities and Celebrations for the classroom
            Books and activities

Chinese New Year from the UK
Creating fai chun from Spider Magazine        

More fai chun wall hangings/sayings -  
        Chinese New Year from China Page
 Activities for Chinese New Year:
         Valentine's Day - February 14
Kaboose - history and activities

        Cards, coupons, trivia, and more from Kids Turn Central

        Valentine's Day activities from Alphabet Soup

        Valentine's Day info from Sunnie Bunniezz

        Web sites, activities, games, lessons - Mrs. Mitchell

        Lots of activities from 123child
Mardi Gras -  February 9 2016
       Mardi Gras from
       DLTK Facts, games, crafts 
Mr. Donn's site -

   Projects -
                Projects -

       Future Dates -
St. Patrick's Day- March 17     
  HolidayZone -

       Kaboose -
       Activity Place - Crafts and Projects -      

St. Pat's Day info -

       Jerrie Cheek -
       Mr. Donn's site -
Father's Day -  
  More about Father's Day -
April Fool's Day - April 1
       April Fool's from Jerrie Cheek -
        Mr. Donn's site -
       Patriot's Day - third Monday in April

       Earth Day on April 22
       Kaboose -
       Wilderness Society lessons -
       Enchanted Learning -
       Sciencespot -
        Class Project -
       DLTK -
  Mother's Day

        More about Mother's Day

June 6 - July 5, 2012016


Ramadan Activities for Children


Halloween-October 31
      More Halloween info
       Pumpkin Carving, Trivia, Links, and Facts -
       Halloween Activities, Foods, and Costumes -

Holidays on the Net -
                     Thanksgiving activities -
                     Thanksgiving lessons -
                     Mrs. Mitchell's activities -

Festivals of Light Around the World  from Peggy Dunn -

Hanukkah: December 24
                            January 1

Hanukah On the Net Games and Activities from Billy Bear and Traditions of Hanukkah
Hanukkah - Not Just for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions About Hanukkah plus latke recipe 
Hanukkah (thanks to Tiffany) -

Christmas Around the World:
How to say Merry Christmas in many languages
Christmas Traditions Around the World - Santa's Net
The Complete Guide to Christmas Traditions

        Holidays on the Net -
        World Christmas Traditions-
Christmas Around the World -
        Christmas Traditions Around the World -
            Christmas Around the World -            

Yahoo Christmas Around the World -

Argentina -

Australia -

Austria -
Brazil -


Canada -

                 (see France and Canada)
England (see Great Britain)

France -

France and Canada -                

Denmark -

Germany -

Great Britain -
      Boxing Day -

Greece -

Ireland -

Italy -

Mexico -

Netherlands -


Norway -

Poland -

Portugal -

Russia -


Scotland -

Spain - 

Sweden -

Switzerland -


Ukraine -

Venezuela -

Wales -

Kwanzaa:December 26,
All About Kwanzaa

For Teachers:

   When Is? Dates

   Lesson Plans:
Hannukah -

Kwanzaa -

Christmas Around the World -

Holidays from abcteach -

Holiday Lesson Plans from Mr. Donn -

Holidays from edHelper -
Holiday Lesson Plans -
Holidays from proTeacher -
Holidays from Teach-nology -
Winter Holidays -
Make Up Your Own Holiday -
Christmas Trivia -

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