dijous, 6 de novembre de 2014



As part of a job shadowing grant I am in Ireland for 2 months. The school's name is Brooklodge. It is in Glanmire, about 8 km from Cork.
I would like to show some of the activities we have completed.
Firstly we did a FOOD WORKSHOP. Children from Ireland asked for Spanish Omelette. And these are the results:

On the other hand teachers from Brooklodge and La Floresta agreed to have a Conference Call through skype all together. Both schools' students prepared a few questions they would want to know about each other. Children from Brooklodge also prepared a summary about important aspects they considered relevant such as hobbies, food, sports, buildings, school, weather, holidays...
To conclude with, they were very excited and motivated. They found the idea was fantastic!!!

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